We advocate for our clients to protect what they hold dear.

We create a relationship with our boards to ensure that they can have jobs and lives while maintaining their responsibilities to their neighbors.

Our Mission Statement

GLG strives to ensure a systematic approach
to legal affairs within businesses and
homeowners associations. Every day
we seek to:

  • Respond quickly to our clients’ inquiries.
  • Evaluate efficiently their options in order to create practical and cost effective solutions.
  • Utilize technology to deliver information and, more importantly, understanding to our clients in real time.

More About Us

The Girard Law Group, P.C. represents hundreds of community associations (including residential and commercial condominium associations, townhome associations and homeowners associations) and cooperatives located throughout the Chicago area. Our attorneys engage in providing an efficient and realistic approach for handling the issues confronting an association and its board. We understand the difficulties board members face as volunteers and strive to educate as well as counsel. In addition, we have crafted solutions to make client communication efficient. Finally, we encourage our clients to be proactive; if we can tackle a small dilemma at an early stage, it often will not become a larger, more expensive predicament.

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The Girard Law Group, P.C.


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